Stinky feet.

Why do feet stink? 

Your feet sweat – even more than your pits. Enclosing them in socks, shoes, or just warm weather, increases sweating. Bacteria love to eat sweat. More specifically, STINKY bacteria love to eat sweat.

So why do they smell… like cheese?

Some of these bacteria are the same found in cheese. So that’s why your sweaty feet can have that “cheesy” smell! (We won’t address foot fetishes in this post. Or any other post, sorry).

Alright wise gurl. So how come my pits don’t smell like cheese? 

Bacteria on your feet are different than those anywhere else on your body. That’s why foot odor is unique (as is pit odor).

You’ve got me real worried. Thanks.

If your foot odor is unusually strong and pervasive, see a doctor. Fungus (think athlete’s foot) or even disease can cause foot odor.

So great. 

Wait! We can help. FIELD Feet naturally combats odor caused by bacteria with botanical ingredients. Holla!