Soap Distillery Earl Grey Soap Bar


Palm oil free and full of olive oil, sunflower oil, and essential oils, these soaps produce lots of bubbly lather without drying your skin out. The high olive oil recipe makes them mild and high in Vitamin E. Kept in a well draining dish, soaps last about 2.5 to 3 weeks and don’t leave heavy, irritating fragrance on the skin. Essential oil fragrance and vegan.

Earl Grey is made with black tea and fragranced with the perfect blend of essential oils to create a deep, sultry, black tea, and bright citrusy bergamot peel scent. Now you can have tea time any time of the day.

4 oz

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Saponified oils (coconut, olive, sunflower) black tea, essential oil blend, black tea leaves, rosemary leaf extract, cornflower petals


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