Snow Fox Ultra Soft Skin Perfecting Blender Set


A blending due made from 50% upcycled coconut husks.

This ultra soft set of eco-friendly makeup sponges are latex free, sensitive skin friendly and hypoallergenic.

  • Latex free and hypoallergenic
  • Minimizes drag, streaks and cakiness on skin
  • Blends make up into skin flawlessly for a naturally airbrushed look
  • The blender duo is ideal for a hassle-free way to apply make up perfectly in the mornings, and is especially useful for those who blend two shades for their foundation
  • Grey color comes from the natural coconut husk itself
  • Made with 50% coconut husk for excellent water absorption and retention properties, so when your blender is dampened, it stays fluffy and soft for hours
  • Use damp or dry

2-piece set includes 1 multi-function polygon blender and 1 fine precision teardrop blender

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Wet sponge under running water, squeeze out any excess water until damp. For Fine Precision Teardrop Blender: Use the pointed tip for precise cover ups, the flat edge for highlight and the rounded bottom for blending foundation. For Multi-Function Polygon Blender: Add liquid foundation or BB Cream directly onto the sponge and dab to blend product into skin. Can be used damp or dry. Rinse after each use and replace sponges after 3 months for best hygiene.


Hydrophilic PU Blend, Coconut Husk Material


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