Province Apothecary Sculpting + Toning Facial Cupping Set


Discover the benefits of this beauty tool must-have, known to improve the skin’s radiance while naturally sculpting and toning.

Why it’s special:

  • Traditionally, cupping has been used in China as a healing modality for thousands of years dating back to the Han Dynasty.
  • Province Apothecary facial cupping set – made of high quality silicone – gently pulls the skin away from deeper layers of fascia, smoothes wrinkles and revitalizes the look of skin.

How Facial Cupping Works:

Using the silicone cups on your face creates a gentle suction effect. This suction pulls blood and nutrients from the deepest layers of the skin, to the surface. This stimulates your skin and leaves you with a refreshed glow. This gentle suction also helps to drain lymph nodes and increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. This microtrauma helps to encourage your body’s healing response sending platelets, white blood cells, and other healing and inflammatory responses to affected areas. This is great for areas with more stagnation like fine lines, uneven tone and dullness.

When to use Facial Cups:

You can use facial cups once a day, either in the morning or at night, when you have time in your routine. If you have sensitive skin, use the cups 1-2 a week only, as not to over stimulate the skin.

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Scan the QR on your product package for a quick how-to tutorial and additional info. (1) Always prep the skin with plenty of serum in order to help the cups glide smoothly over the skin. (2) Always use a mirror so you can see where you are directing the cups and how much suction you are using. (3) Always keep the cups moving, do not let the cups sit on the skin as this can cause slight temporary bruising/redness. Bruising can be avoided by keeping the cups moving at all times and using light pressure. The goal is not to bruise your skin.(4) Use a light amount of suction, the cups are most effective with light suction so they can glide smoothly. (5) Wash your facial cups after each use with warm water and natural soap. Place on a cloth to air dry.


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