Elate Beauty Bamboo EyeColour Brush


EyeColour Brush is made with sustainably-sourced bamboo and a cruelty-free alternative to fur.

The go-to tool for shading the eyelids, the EyeColour Brush is high performance, depositing powders and creams evenly and flawlessly. Forget makeup brushes made with animal fur: The EyeColour Brush is made with Taklon, a cruelty-free, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic alternative to fur, and sustainably-sourced bamboo, a self-generating resource.

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Shade and blend eyeshadows with ease using this high-performance makeup brush. This versatile brush precisely blends cream or powder shadows on the lids, or concealers and foundations undereye and around the face. Its medium size bristles provide ultimate control.


Elate bamboo brushes are made of sustainably sourced bamboo, with Taklon bristles.


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