Aunt Fannie’s Mosquito Repellent Wipes


Aunt Fannie’s biodegradable DEET-free wipes go anywhere mosquitoes do. Tuck into a backpack, carry-on, handbag, beach bag or car to be prepared for little biters.

Each essential oil powered wipe gives you up to four hours of protection from annoying mosquitoes. They’re also family friendly and safe for anyone 6 months and older.* The wipe goes on more like a dry body oil than a water-based spray. Plan to apply and gently rub into skin.

Each box contains 10 individually wrapped wipes.

*when used as directed

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Rub wipe on exposed skin for protection against mosquito bites. Reapply every two or three hours for best results. Never to apply it to close to your mouth or nose, and wash your hands after application. Safe for children 6 months and older when used as directed.


Citronella OilCedarwood OilPeppermint OilLemongrass OilGeranium OilIsopropyl MyristateSoybean OilVitamin ECellulose (regenerated)


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