Act+Acre Intelligent Hair Towel


#1 best selling hair drying towel.

Soft waffle knit microfiber towel that dries hair 50% faster and gently, all while reducing excess friction. No more frizz and damaged hair strands.

After a shower, your hair texture shifts as hydrogen bonds break due to water exposure. These bonds are key in creating your hair ‘shape’ and influence frizz, curl patterns, and general body—don’t worry they quickly reform as the hair dries. While we’ve been conditioned to use regular towels to dry hair, this approach introduces excess friction that causes frizz and damages strands. Enter the microfiber towel. It eliminates breakage when wet, allowing for a frizz free dry.

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Flip damp hair forward and place the towel at the base of your neck.Twist hair into the tail end of towel. Leave hair wrapped for at least five minutes for optimal drying. Wash with other like colors on the cold setting and lay flat or hang to dry.


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